Year 6


Year 6 – Spring 2016

Is it right to fight?

This term, as part of our topic in Year 6, we will be investigating the question ‘Is it right to fight?’

During our history lessons we will be studying major conflicts including World War 1 and World War 2 and the impact of conflicts on the world we know today. We will be looking at what life was like during these wars, not only for those people fighting, but also for those who did not go to war. We are going to be researching and reading about various key events and people involved in these conflicts and we will be producing many interesting pieces of writing based on our research. Finally, we will be researching the effect of the war on our local area as well as going on exciting trips.

Geography – we will be studying the impact of war on human and physical geography through the study of aerial photographs taken during the war and acting as a ‘War Cabinet’ to decide upon suitable sites for invasions and bombing raids, based on maps and photographs.

During our Design and Technology (DT) lessons we have the opportunity for designing and building our own moving vehicles! We will be investigating the properties of a range of materials to ensure we select a material suitable for our vehicles and investigating electricity and how they affect our world in Science. We also plan to explore micro-organisms and how to protect ourselves against them.

In our English lessons this we will be looking at various recounts from the World Wars and using these as inspiration to write in a range of genres.

Please can we take this opportunity to remind you that it is vital in the build-up to SATS, that your child is reading at least 3 times per week at home and this is being signed in their home reading diaries (orange booklets).

We are planning to offer after-school booster sessions in both English and Maths (you will be informed if your child is invited to these). Homework will mostly be in the form of revision books, which target the knowledge and skills required to be successful in the SATS- these resources have cost the academy a significant amount of money, so please support your child to complete any work set and ensure that the books are brought to school daily.

We hope you enjoy the term!

The Year 6 Team.



Mystical Places

Autumn Term 2015

Year 6 staff are: Mr Grennan (6G) and Mrs Parker, Mr Ferson (6F) Mrs Lammas and Miss Spenceley, and Miss Carter (6C) and Mrs Whitehouse.

Welcome back Year 6! We can’t wait to get stuck into our exciting Mystical Places Topic.

This term we will be using a ‘Mantle  of the Expert’ approach  incorporating I.T. based programs such as Epic Citadel and Myst to explore Medieval settings, futuristic worlds and many strange and wonderful mystical places situated all over the world. We plan to incorporate mathematical, Scientific, Geographical and Historical concepts into this unit to encourage engagement and creativity.

Early this term we will be planning a trip to Portchester Castle. Keep your eyes peeled for letters and texts giving further information about this trip.

In English, we will be writing setting descriptions – especially castles and medieval cities and life for the Epic Citadel game story.  Character descriptions will be explored to create engaging narrative to the game play, which will involve story planning. Children will also be encouraged to present persuasive pieces, to write bids, and write speeches (Dragon’s Den style). Other aspects will cover writing advertisements including TV, radio and letters to various companies and organisations.

We are looking forward to some investigative problem solving work in Maths, alongside a focus on number work (4 main operations), place value and improving mental strategies.

Children can look forward to some creative and fun Art and D.T. projects throughout the topic and we would like your help in keeping them mess free by donating any old spare (large t-shirts/shirts) to use as art aprons.

Our PE sessions will be spread throughout the week (Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday), so it is important that children have their kits in school from Monday through to Friday. Can we remind you all that your child will need to be provided with shorts, (indoor PE) tracksuit bottoms (outside Games), plimsolls/trainers, a t-shirt and finally a warm top (outside games). Without the correct clothing, children will not be able to take part in these sessions.

Our homework club will be run on Mondays from 3pm to 4pm, starting from 21st September.  This is an ideal opportunity for pupils to gain support from their teacher, or to use some of the school’s resources to help with completing the work set.

On Monday 14th September, we invite all Year 6 parents and carers into school to talk about our plans and expectations for this very crucial year. This will be a great opportunity to meet us and discuss home reading, Learning Logs/homework and potential plans for after-school booster sessions.

As always, if there is anything else we can do to support let us know.

Mr Grennan, Mr Ferson and Miss Carter


World Oscars Day

We’ve finally been able to upload some of the Year 6 work from our Oscars themed focus day.  The pupils used an app called “Garageband” for the first time, creating “mashups” using music and sound effects from the films.  Some pupils explored using the instruments on the app to add some unique elements to their compositions.


After this, the music was quickly transferred into another app, called “iMovie”, and pupils selected images of the Star Wars films to complement the music.


For just three hours of work, and considering it is the first time they have used Garageband, I’m very impressed with the work they produced!

Well done year 6!