Year 2

Spring Term 2016

It may be cold outside but don’t worry; in class, things will be as exciting as ever as we venture back into the Swingin’ Sixties.

We will be asking questions of the past: Was this a great time to live?! Who was the best band? What did people wear? And why are people still so excited about this recent period? We hope to get grandparents and great-grandparents in to help answer some of these questions!

We will be immersing ourselves in Sixties music. We will experience this period through multimedia, using the IPads and Laptops to go back in time; we will also get real musicians in to come and perform music to the class. What fun! After learning about Sixties fashion, we will create our own tie-dye pieces.

Our learning will culminate in a fabulous festival, celebrating all things to do with the Sixties. It will feature our own Sixties creations, so watch our website carefully for updates on this exciting event.

Year 2, you are in for an absolute treat. We can’t wait!

P.s. Thanks for those of you that have been reading lots with your children at home, completing the Learning Log and accessing Bug Club and Sumdog. Your support at home is invaluable for ensuring great progress. Please speak to us if there are any issues with this.

Mr Way, Miss Birks and Miss Hewitt


Autumn Term 2015

Welcome back Year 2! We can’t wait to get stuck into our thrilling Dungeons and Dragons topic this Autumn.

This term we will be finding out all about castles and traditional tales. In September (2H) and October (2B), we will be visiting Arundel Castle, exploring its Norman motte and imagining we are knights and ladies-in-waiting. Keep your eyes peeled for letters and texts giving further information about this trip.

We will be writing some of our very own traditional tales set in castles; we will then transform these stories into plays. We will  then imagine our own settings, and set stories there as well.

We will explore the geography of castles in the United Kingdom. Why do they tend to be built on hills? What is the purpose of the keep?

We will also find out about daily life in castles. How does the life of a Flying Bull child compare with the life of an heir to a Lord seven hundred years ago?

We welcome all Year 2 parents and carers into school to come and talk to us about our plans for this year. Chat to us after school or ring the office to arrange a meeting.

As always, if there is anything else we can do to support, please let us know.

Mr Way, Miss Birks and Miss Hewitt


Summer Term 2015

This term, Year 2 are going to explore everything about night and day! From plants and animals that need light, to those that lurk in the depths of the night. Our topic this term will focus on Science, Computing, Music and Art.

The children will get the opportunity to create their own habitats using iPads, as well as creating a ‘Day in the Life of’ composition in music. Their challenge in Science will be to grow their own plants and investigate what happens if there is no sunlight or water. In Art, they will learn sketching techniques to draw their plants.

We intend to carry out a local walking trip to investigate local habitats. Why not spend some time at home, thinking about the different habitats that are around you?!

As ever, we will continue with English and Maths, leading up to the Year 2 SATs assessments. Thank you for the support you give your child at home, in completing Learning Logs and reading regularly.


Spring Term 2015 – Rescue

This half term, Year 2 are going to explore the term ‘Rescue’!

To begin with, we will look at a famous historic rescue: The Great Fire of London. We will focus on historical interpretations, looking at Samuel Pepys’ diary and writing our own diaries from different points of view. The children will begin to understand how we use evidence to find out about the past.

After this, we will be focusing on dangers related to electricity. As part of this, we will build our own circuits with a siren and a flashing light.

Following on from this, we will be looking at health and growth: what is a paramedic and how can they rescue sick people? We will also explore how people prevent sickness and how we care for ourselves.

Finally, in anticipation of a long, hot summer, we will look at seaside rescue. We will explore physical and human features of Southsea, linking this back to our Welcome to Portsmouth topic and looking forward to our June topic; ‘Seaside’.


Spring Term 2015

Year 2 are going to work for Portsmouth City Council for the next half term. The purpose of the work will be to get more tourists to visit our Great Waterfront City. This will involve:

·        Exploring Portsmouth further, by foot and minibus

·        Identifying local landmarks and places of interest

·        Developing games to educate people about the city

·        Finding out about historical figures and sites

On 19th January, Year 2 will take part in a scavenger hunt around the city. Look out for a letter about this soon.  Here’s an anagram for one of the historical figures we may meet. Can you work it out? ‘Check Lardiness’.

In English, we will be writing information texts about the city and its attractions. In maths, we will focus on geometry, positional language and measurement – this will help the children to create their own map of the city.

Learning about Portsmouth has never been so much fun!