What did OFSTED say?

Flying Bull Primary and Nursery School is a good school.

The full Ofsted Report, completed on 26.12.13,  can be accessed by clicking here. You will need to download it. Ofsted said lots of super things about our good school.  Some of these were:

  • The outstanding relationships between staff and pupils and exceptionally good pastoral support strongly influence pupils’ good behaviour and positive attitudes to learning and significantly underpin pupils’ good achievement.
  • Highly successful special activities for disabled pupils and those with special educational needs, pupils who speak English as an additional language and those eligible for pupil premium funding help these groups to close the achievement gap between them and their peers especially well.
  • Children get a good start to their education in the Nursery and Reception, especially in mathematics where they do particularly well. Pupils’ subsequent good progress in this subject ensures that their attainment in mathematics has reached the national average by the end of Year 6.
  •  Pupils’ good progress in reading, especially in phonics (the sounds letters make in words), is accelerating. Their progress in writing is good.
  •  Pupils are well taught because staff are skilled at continually assessing their needs and levels of attainment, and adjusting activities accordingly.
  • Very regular monitoring of teaching helps ensure that any weaknesses are quickly identified and addressed.
  • Leaders, managers and governors use monitoring information effectively to bring about improvement, resulting in pupils’ rising levels of attainment. This, together with their strong commitment to provide the very best education for all pupils, means that the school is well placed to improve further.

N.B. Flying Bull Primary and Nursery School became Flying Bull Academy on 01.04.14.