Decisions, Decisions, Decisions…

It was very exciting and a great success to have children be able to choose their hot school meal in the mornings last week. This is something that we will be continuing next term.

To help you make your choices for next term, we have attached the menu HERE. Alternatively you can head over to our School Lunch Menu which is under the ‘School Life’ tab.


Easter Website Treasure Hunt!

To coincide with the school launch of “” we have created a secret Easter code treasure hunt on the school website!

All you have to do is find the eight codes hidden at the bottom of some of the pages of our website.  When you have found them all, email the eight codes to: or send a message to the school’s Facebook page.  The first three correct submissions will win a prize!

To get you started, the first code is below:

CODE ONE! – 123456

Happy hunting!

Easter Bonnet Fashion Contest!

This afternoon the pupils all came together the hall with the fantastic bonnets they’d created throughout the day, to be judged against each other in a contest.  The judges were looking for good use of colour, bonnets that tied to the Easter theme, and which pupils could strut their stuff the best!  Have a look below for photos of the contest!

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Happy Easter from The Flying Bull Academy!

Today is our Easter Focus Day, and the pupils will be spending the day creating Easter bonnets.  Check back later today to see more of their creations!

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The Batmobile has arrived!!

On the 26th March, Harvey and Leon created a den for Spiderman.

So impressive was their work that the creation was posted on our website. At the time, I jokingly remarked that I couldn’t wait to see their Batmobile……

Well imagine my delight when I received this photo of the boys’ latest creation. A plan and their finished batmobile!! I can only imagine what they are capable of creating next….


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