A Level 6 boost from Mr Nair!

This post is to say a huge thank you to Mr Nair for all of his dedicated and passionate work with some of our Year 6 pupils to help to prepare them for their Level 6 Maths tests.

Mr Nair used his wealth of experience to give directed support to some of our strongest mathematicians so that they were well supported when they took their Level 6 tests this week.

Kaya wanted to say: “I feel even more confident for a L6. Thank you for giving up your own time to help us.”

Jasmine’s message is: “I am so glad that Mr Nair came in. I was glad that I got a chance to get L6 during my time working with him.”

IMG_1656 IMG_1657 (1)


Well done to all! Last week’s attendance at The Flying Bull Academy was bang on target at 96%!

9 out of 15 classes had an attendance greater than the academy target of 96%.  The class with the winning attendance was 6F with an unbeatable 100%!

Well done to all pupils with an attendance rate of 96% and above.

Congratulations to Richard Oluwabiyi!

Congratulations to Richard Oluwabiyi in 3R. He has successfully passed his WTF Taekwondo Martial Art grading exam. Richard, who has been training for four months, is now a Yellow belt.

Learning a Martial Art teaches self-confidence and teaches the ability to defend yourself if you ever need to. If you would like more information on the WTF Taekwondo and the Portsmouth clubs, please ring Paul Barker on 07554 369197 or visit www.bts-southampton.co.uk


Excellent Learning Log Homework in Year 2

It was a pleasure last week to speak to Kyle Bicker in Mr Ford’s class last week about his learning log homework.

I was impressed with his creativity in making a scene depicting a savanna as the habitat he had chosen. Kyle explained who the animals were in his African savanna and how they lived in their habitat.

Well done Kyle! Keep up the good work.



Flying Bull Academy is in ‘The News’

The Flying Bull Academy is very proud to have featured on page 19 of The News today in an article all about The University of Flying Bull Academy. The article can also be found by clicking here which will take you to The News’ website. We are very proud of all of our ‘mini-graduates’.

DHD, Carlie, Arantes, Maks, Tamim, Abbie