A Governing body:

  • Works in conjunction with the Head Teacher
  • Conducts their work mainly through committees and meetings lead by members of the governing body, with guidance  from the Head Teacher and the relevant paperwork
  • Makes decisions collectively as a team, specific committees or individuals

School governors:

  • Ensure a high standard of educational attainment
  • Oversee the school budget, including staffing and pay levels
  • Maintain a balanced curriculum, particularly that the National Curriculum and Religious Education are taught
  • Review and question reports on test results and pupils continuing achievement in National Curriculum assessments
  • Partake in the appointment of senior staff (including the Head Teacher) and govern staff conduct and discipline
  • Accept widespread responsibility for the conduct of the school
  • Formulate targets for pupil achievement
  • Draft action plans after an Ofsted inspection

You can read more about the role of a Governing Body in the Dfe Governors Handbook.

The representatives of the Governing Body are:

Chair – Gynette Parke (Parent)DSC_1326


Michael Swann (Local Authority)



Deamonn Hewett-Dale (Head teacher)

Mr D. Hewett-Dale


James Hallett (Co-opted)


Lynne Metcalfe (Co-opted)

Mrs L. Metcalfe


Debbie Morgan (Co-opted)

Debbie Morgan (2)


Luke Needham (Co-opted)

Mr L. Needham


Bill Webber (Co-opted)

Bill Webber (2)


Judith Turner (Parent)



Rachel King (Parent)



Rose Wiggins (Staff)

Mrs R. Wiggins


Clerk to Governors – Karen Churchill (Staff)

Mrs K. Churchill


Jane Evans (Head of Partnership and CAT Link)



Samantha Cantini  Deputy Head (Associate)

Mrs S. Cantini


Lee Dallinger  Deputy Head (Associate)

Mr L. Dallinger

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Governors secure area